Bali Safari Rhino

A full board package inclusive private pick up with more exclusive services which set-up to ensure your best time at the Bali Safari Park.. You will get nothing else but a great day of family fun. The beautiful layout of the entire park will amazed you. The big trees, jungle, bushes, are carefully protected and building are only put in between so it doesn’t need to cut off the greens.The walk around the park is very pleasant. You will get entertained all day long. And for the families who visited Bali Safari with your little ones, there is a petting zoo corner before you get to Kampung Gajah, the elephant section. But that’s not all, the more you walk the more you will discover. Not far from the white tiger temple, there is a special part of the park where you will see the giant lizzard, Komodo. You can see them just crowling on the ground while putting their tongue out trying to detect the condition of their surrounding. The safari journey is probably one of the highlight at safari park other than the famous Bali Agung theatre show. The Tsavo Lion restaurant serve a finger-licking food for your lunch with the background you never expected. So basically, everything you get in this package is a worth the money and the experience. One day of Bali Safari Rhino package will delight your day and will open your mind of how colorful live is.. And by the end of your day, cool yourself down by dipping-in to  the swimming pool before heading back to hotel or villa.

Publish Rate :
IDR 2.100 K / adult
IDR 1.680 K / child

IDR 1.900 K / adult,
IDR 1.530 K / child

Private return transport, Express Line,  Welcome Drink & snacks, Fresh Water Aquarium, Animal Educational show ( seating reserved ) , Elephant Educational Show ( seating reserved ), Photo with the animals ( 1 x professional &  framed, 2 x photo with your own camera ), Free drink after elephant ride, Free drink & snack after theater show,  Unlimited Safari Journey, Bali Agung theater show ( Platinum Seat ), 30 minutes Elephant Back Safari, Lunch or Dinner at TSAVO LION Restaurant ( set menu including one drink ), Unlimited ride at Fun Zone, Access to the water Park, Souvenir

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