Bali Elephant Experience Tours

Elephant Ride Bali Adventure Tours

Experience elephant safari in Bali. Be the king of the jungle. Explore the lush green forest of TARO village while you are riding on the most intelligent mammal on earth, the Sumatran elephant..!!

Feel like king’s of the jungle…!
Tour includes
: return A/C transfers, entrance to the park, the safari ride, elephant’s live show, buffet lunch and USD 100,000 insurance.

Publish Rate :
IDR 1.242 K /adult
IDR    837 K /child
IDR 3.739 K / family

PROMO Rate :
IDR 1.120 K / adult
IDR     750 K / child
IDR 3.350  K / family





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Safari Under Stars Bali Adventure Tours

Bali’s First Twilight Elephant Experience. In the still of the misty forest of Taro at nightfall, our elephant take you on Bali’s only twilight elephant trek, Safari Under the Stars…
Includes : Return transfers, Entrance fee, Night elephant Safari, Elephant talent show, Dinner, Insurance

Publish Rate :
IDR 1.579 K /adult
IDR 1.093 K /child
IDR 4.792 K / family

PROMO Rate :
IDR 1.400 K / adult
IDR    980 K / child
IDR 4.300 K / family







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Bathe and Breakfast with Elephant Tours

Experience being a mahout. Get involve in a full care of the endangered Sumatran elephant. Wake up early to give them a fresh morning bathe. Enjoy a choice of either Continental or American breakfast before the elephant taking you on their back for a 30 mnts patrol around Taro lush green forest.
Includes : return transfers, choice of Continental or American breakfast, Bathing with the elephants, Elephant show, Elephant safari ride, Insurance, Use of all park facilities.

Publish Rate :
IDR 1.530 K / adult
IDR 1.070 K / child
IDR 4.660 K / family

PROMO Rate :
IDR 1.375 K / adult
IDR    950 K / child
IDR 4.190 K / family








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