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Welcome to Bali…!

Bali driver and island tours is the best tour to book during your search of a beautiful tropical holiday on an island of the rich culture and beauty nature like Bali, the little piece of heaven fell on earth.

The stunning beauty of the landscape, the fascinating culture, the delightful friendliness and warmth of the Balinese has caused many to call Bali as the ” World’s Best Island “, the ” Last Paradise “, the ” Land of God” and the ” Morning of the World “.
Though a small island, Bali has an amazing amount of great things to offer the visitors.

Balitoura is one of local Bali tours company who will be very happy to share the beauty of our amazing island to the world. All our Bali tours offer high standard quality services, professional handling system in the most fair prices. Our services includes : Bali Transportation & Car Charters with English Speaking Driver, Bali Adventure Activities, Accommodation, Wedding, and Tour Guide Service.

Fair prices and excellent services is Balitoura.
When you use our services, we convince you that you will only get the best and you will also help to benefit Bali and the Balinese.

Whenever you are ready for your Bali tours, our experienced, professional and reliable Bali tours teams are right here to escort you to the beautiful places on the island. Our team will show you the most popular tourist objects throughout the island, or we will take you to explore some unusual routes to try to find other hidden beauties of Bali

So please allow us to escort you, put yourself on our hands, relax and enjoy all the sights, the scenery, the people, the culture, and the cuisine of Bali… Your happiness and satisfaction is our success..


FEATURE PROGRAMS : Breakfast With Orangutans, Balinese Cooking Lesson, Bali Best Combination Adventure Tours, Tanah Lot Tour with Jimbaran Dinner, SPA Beauty Treatment, Fresh Grilled Seafood Dinner Package at Jimbaran Bay, Interaction with sun bear


Welcome to Bali…! The Island of thousand temples, the morning of the world and the last paradise. Being recognized to be one of the most attractive and diverse tourist destinations in South East Asia, Bali offer a great range of tours and excursions the tourists can join with, either Bali fullday tours, Bali half day tours or Bali adventure tours.

BaliTourA proudly share the beauty of our amazing Bali to the world. We offer high standard quality services, professional handling system in very reasonable prices. Our services include: accommodation, transfers, car charters, tours with professional guides, adventure activities, cruises and professional spa.

Special prices and discounted packages of Bali tour & excursions are available.
…When you use our services, you will also help to benefit the Balinese and Bali.

So, when you do any Bali tours, please put yourself into our hands, relax and enjoy all the Bali sights, Bali scenery, Bali people, Bali culture, and Bali cuisine among many choices of Bali trips provided by BalitourA. Our job is to make YOU HAPPY…!
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