Bali ATV Quad Bike Ride Adventure Tours

Bali Discovery ATV Quad Bike

Pamper your adrenaline, we take you to the heart of Bali to experience an authentic part of the island in the most exciting way..
Includes : A/C return transfer, A goodies bag, Welcome drink upon arrival at our location, free locker to store your belonging, instruction & safety training by our guides, Branded equipment for each activity, Approx. 2 hrs activity, Rest room & cold refreshment at every tour break, Hot shower, towel & body wash facilities, Hot buffet lunch, Personal insurance.llllllll

Publish Rate :
IDR 1.350 K / adult pilot
IDR    800 K / adult passenger
IDR    650 K / child passenger

PROMO Rate :
IDR 1.220 K / adult pilot
IDR    720 K / adult passenger
IDR   585 K  / child passenger













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Bali Kuber ATV Quad Bike

Provides you a great opportunity to explore and get closer to the beauty of Bali’s nature and its rural sides. Let’s have a 1.5 hours fun ride on our automatic ATV bikes and let your adrenaline pump whilst enjoying all the thrill and the picturesque scenery along the ride . You will have no idea on what kind of trek we have prepared for you. So, let’s go now…!

Publish Rate :

IDR 1.215 K / Single Rider
IDR 1.620 K / Tandem ( two persons sharing same ATV bike )


PROMO Rate :

IDR    950 K / Single Rider
IDR 1.450 K / Tandem ( two persons sharing same ATV bike )






















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Bali Pertiwi ATV Quad Bike

It is time for you to try out our challenging track to pamper your adrenaline. Let’s go back to the nature and have fun..! You will not regret and definitely will not forget all the experience you made during your fantastic rise with us..

Publish Rate :

IDR 1.260 K / Single Rider
IDR 1.820 K / Tandem


PROMO Rate :
IDR 1.070 K / Single Rider
IDR 1.550 K / Tandem ( two persons sharing same ATV bike )












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